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‘Bagel Head’ Saline Injections are the New Trend

The Japanese body modification circuit has taken another unique twist. No longer content with bad teeth, the stylish elite in Japan are opting for a new forehead injection some have dubbed ‘Bagel Head.’ It starts with a technician inserting a … Continue reading

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Chin Surgery Spikes in Popularity

New statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that chin surgery or chin augmentation has grown in popularity in the past year – surpassing breast augmentation, Botox and liposuction growth rates combined in 2011. Could … Continue reading

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British Man Rebuilds Skull With Belly Fat

About three years ago Tim Barter fell from a drainpipe 25 feet in the air while trying to get back into his own house. When neighbors found him lying outside his home he had suffered a shattered eye socket, a … Continue reading

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Doctor Accused of Two Penis Amputations Following Botched Operations

Cut off one penis its an accident. Cut off two and its a habit. This is a habit that Miami urologist Paul Periot has been accused of. Apparently he mangled two different weens so badly that the members had to … Continue reading

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Model Arrested After Italian Police Discover Six Lbs. of Coke In Her Fake Boobs

Models love coke and are only really good at standing still and looking pretty. So when you think about it, they would make really great drug mules. I mean, assuming you could keep them off the white stuff they were … Continue reading

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Smoking Can Make Your Nipples Fall Off

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, MD, has everyone talking today with his blog in which he reveals that the nicotine in cigarettes can cause breast lift patients’ nipples to fall off after surgery! The nicotine, along with the carbon monoxide in … Continue reading

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Breast Slapping Considered an Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Hear that ladies? The next time your boss/co-worker/drunken father figure slaps your tiny breasts be sure to thank them! After all, they might just be trying to save you untold thousands in breast augmentation surgery in the future! Khemmikka Na … Continue reading

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Doctor Sued Over Involuntary Penis Amputation (UPDATED)

Three years ago a man by the name of Phillip Seaton of Waddy, KY had to go to the doctor for a routine circumcision. But when he woke up – about an inch of his penis was gone! He later … Continue reading

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Could This Be the World’s First Successful Womb Transplant?

Swedish scientists believe that they’ve perfected a method to transplant a mother’s uterus into her daughter’s body and hope to have the procedure underway as early as next spring. A UK woman, Eva Ottosson, 56, plans on donating her uterus … Continue reading

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Study Shows Better Survival Rates for Those Undergoing Complex Surgeries

Good news for Medicare patients undergoing complex surgical procedures! A new study reveals that the survival rate for those on Medicare undergoing one of eight high-risk operations has risen dramatically! The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, … Continue reading

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