Smoking Can Make Your Nipples Fall Off

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, MD, has everyone talking today with his blog in which he reveals that the nicotine in cigarettes can cause breast lift patients’ nipples to fall off after surgery!

The nicotine, along with the carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke, can diminish blood flow and essentially cause the tissue to necrotize and fall off. The only solution? Leeches.

Youn says that he attaches the leeches to act as an attachable vein which drains the excess build-up of venous blood that has accumulated thanks to vein death and help the body regrow the veins. But it’s not just breast reductions or lifts that can be complicated from smoking.

Smoking cigarettes can cause problems with healing after any surgery which could result in an infection or, even worse, your skin to fully blacken and fall off.  So before you head in for your next procedure, make sure to heed Dr. Youn’s “Plastic Surgeon’ Warnings” and cut out the cancer sticks!

(Source: CNN)

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