Model Arrested After Italian Police Discover Six Lbs. of Coke In Her Fake Boobs

Models love coke and are only really good at standing still and looking pretty. So when you think about it, they would make really great drug mules. I mean, assuming you could keep them off the white stuff they were carrying. And this is exactly what one intrepid drug smuggling operation had in mind when they stuffed nearly six pounds of pure cocaine crystals into her fake breasts and buttocks and sent her back from Brazil to Italy. The only problem is that models are pretty terrible at just about anything that involves speaking or thinking. Thus their whole plan fell apart.

According to Antonio Di Greco, police chief at Fiumicino airport, the route she was taking from Brazil is fairly common amongst drug traffickers and once police started to talk to her everything fell apart. Her voluptuous curves and plunging neckline working against her as her stunning looks only served to draw more attention to her instead of distracting police from their duties.

So she did what most coke filled models do when things don’t go her way – she panicked and began immediately throwing a tantrum.

“She actually became quite aggressive and was taken away for more detailed questioning by two female officers and that’s when the drugs were found hidden in the plastic breast and buttock implants.” Said Di Greco.

Since then drug kingpins have switched to hiring only ugly mules who are only likely to garner derision and only the most furtive glances. No, not really. But that’s what I’m assuming. I always knew there was a reason I gave dirty looks to all those homely bag ladies I see in airports.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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