Doctor Accused of Two Penis Amputations Following Botched Operations

Cut off one penis its an accident. Cut off two and its a habit. This is a habit that Miami urologist Paul Periot has been accused of. Apparently he mangled two different weens so badly that the members had to be removed completely. Also of note: when hes not chopping off wangs hes also been known to (allegedly) sell drugs from a local strip club.

Both cases involve the mens members contracting gangrene. Though in the defense of Periot both situations had some extenuating circumstances attached.

In the case of the first man, a prisoner at a local prison, he saw Periot after developing severe penile blisters. Periot treated the man and sent him back to lock up where doctors in the ward were unfamiliar with the procedure Periot used to ensure that the gauze left inside the penis was able to be taken out (the newspaper refers to it as tampon-like). Unable to contact Periot they just decided to leave the gauze in there which soon developed into gangrene. When the prisoner finally saw Periot again about a month later a penectomy was the only viable alternative left on the table.

Paul Periot

Dr. Paul Periot

In the case of the second dismembered man, Enrique Millas claims a case of diabetes (which the he says the doctor should have known about) wound up complicating a penile implant surgery performed by Dr. Periot. Sometime after the 2007 surgery Millas also contracted gangrene and had to have his penis removed. Periot contends that the gangrene was not caused by the diabetes or negligence but rather Millas disregarding his advice and having sex too soon after surgery.

Both men are suing Periot and the hospital. This isnt Paul Periots first run-in with the legal system though. In 2004 he faced racketeering charges after he was charged with selling illegal prescription drugs out of a local strip club he was a partner in. He entered in a pretrial diversion program and wound up paying close to $20k in order to keep his license.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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