British Man Rebuilds Skull With Belly Fat

About three years ago Tim Barter fell from a drainpipe 25 feet in the air while trying to get back into his own house. When neighbors found him lying outside his home he had suffered a shattered eye socket, a broken leg, and brain hemorrhaging that put him in a 10-day coma. The resulting surgeries left him with a dented skull and major vision loss. Now, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine he has a rebuilt skull and its all propped up with fat from his stomach!

Tim Barter

Tim Barter

Life stopped for a couple of months,” Barter said. “I was frightened that my eyesight would never go back to normal…”

Luckily for him, physicians at King’s College Hospital were able to reshape Barter’s skull with a titanium plate and stomach fat. Now Barter has a new lease on his life and plans on
spending his time rock climbing and sky diving (with not a trace of irony found in this sentiment).

“I can’t put anything off any more I’m doing what I’ve always put on my list.”

(Source: Huff Po)

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