Breast Slapping Considered an Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Hear that ladies? The next time your boss/co-worker/drunken father figure slaps your tiny breasts be sure to thank them! After all, they might just be trying to save you untold thousands in breast augmentation surgery in the future!

Khemmikka Na Songkhla’s, (aka ”Khunying Tobnom”) tit, face and ass slapping techniques have been approved by the Thailand government as an alternative to plastic surgery. The procedure works apparently by using a kneading technique, beating the area surrounding the breast pushing the surrounding fat into the breast and giving a fuller appearance.

Though the procedure can be kinda painful it is also pretty effective. Clients from young girls to septugenareans are reporting a growth in bust size of up to two inches. Although she cautions that some women are too far gone for even her to help. She advises women to put on a little weight before booking their flights to Thailand.

Though so far the 44-year-old Tobnom is the only person on Earth to have successfully mastered the art of the slap she is selecting ten people to pass the knowledge onto. Course fees range from 10 million baht ($330,000) for the body-sculpting course, 8 million baht ($260,000) for the breast slapping course, and 5 million baht ($165,000) for the face slapping course.

(Source: Oddity Central)

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